Dussehra Celebration

On October 19, 2018 a grand Dussehra Celebration was held at Prayaas International School, Ganaur. The elite guests at this auspicious occasion were MrAmitBatra(Managing Director), MrAmitVerma (Panipat) and Mr. YogeshKaushik(President Bharat VikasParishadGanaur) and Mrs. NishaKaushik (Memeber of Bharat VikasParishad).

Students exhibited their amazing and bewildering skills in various performances like Dramatized representation of a scene from our holy epic Ramayana, Bhajan, Dandiya Dance and other cultural activities. Principal MsNidhiKhatkarand Managing Director MrAmitBatra Sir enlightened everyone about the prime but crucial importnace and exigency of being good and truthful in our life and with everyone alike. In the end of the programme everyone witnessed the burning of the effigy of evil king Ravana and swore that they would always follow the path of goodness in their lives.