Children’s Day Celebration

“Children are, without a doubt, the beautiful shoots which would one day grow to nurture and beautify this world in their own special way.”

The above lines rightly summarize the whole essence and importance of the childhood. We at Prayaas International School, tried to celebrate the same in the morning’s special assembly by the teachers instead of the students so that they would feel completely relaxed and without any duty whatsoever. The teachers also presented a skit in which they tried to reflect the childhood with some light-hearted scenes and moments. It was indeed a comical one which the students enjoyed a lot and also learnt the importance of the school-life. Principal Ms Nidhi Khatkar encouraged the students with some words of wisdom and explained why this age is the most important of all the life phases and also why they should work the hardest in it to achieve their life goals for a happy and prosperous life.