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Earth Day Celebration

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
– Wendell Berry
To assimilate this very same thought into our students, we at Prayaas International School, celebrated the Earth Day to make them more acquainted with the disastrous consequences of global warming. Kids learnt about the gentle and tender love that we get from the mother earth and also got to know as to why it’s just us, humans, who are solely responsible for this sheer negligence and the destruction of the earth.
Kids carried a plantation drive and planted more than 50 saplings and also vowed to take care of them as well as other plants in their surroundings.

Baisakhi Celebration

The surroundings of Prayaas International school resounded with great excitement and enthusiasm during Baisakhi celebration. We celebrated the festival of harvest with punjabi culture and tradition. Our school was decked up with variant colours of celebration.Keeping up with the tradition of celebrating the festival with great gaiety and apprising children of their rich culture and heritage,Baisakhi celebrations were full of happiness.


Commencement of New Session 2019-20

With every end, there’s a new beginning. We, at Prayaas International School, stepped into a new session together with a new ray of hope and love. With the session’s commencement, began the roller coaster ride of teaching and learning. This day, like no other, embarks the journey of a future brimming with zeal and enthusiasm. Congratulating the achievers and felicitating the freshers, our honourable Principal Ma’am Ms Nidhi Khatkar, made sure that every step taken is in the welfare of not only the learners but also the teachers and everyone else associated with the Prayaas’ name. We at “Prayaas International School” ensure the brightest future of our students. For a coal to be turned into a diamond requires umpteen efforts and our teachers are putting in their heart and soul to create a Kohinoor out of your children. Moreover, the impeccable infrastructure and the learned teachers are just the added bonus to what we already have here. With the warmest heart, on the first day of the session, we welcome our loving students at their humble abode.

Graduation Day

“You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.”
Graduation day brings with it a roller coaster of emotions for grads and their families alike. It’s a time of celebration and achievement. There is reflection on past trials and successes as well as hope for the future. All their hard work has trained them for what is to come in the next session. What follow next are their footprints to glory and fame.
We gladly announce that the result for the session 2018-19 has been rolled out and like always our students have touched skies once again and scored amazing marks and grades. Catch and cherish some of the glimpses of the Graduation Day at Prayaas International School.

Gurdaas Maan Night @ Our Annual Function ( PROTSAHAN 2019)

It was yet another highly successful event in the history of Prayaas International School. Protsahan 2019 was celebrated with next level of zeal and enthusiasm. And it was all due to the combined efforts of the worthy management, the whole school staff and our lovely students. It was indeed the glorious representation of the days and nights full of toiling hard. We promised at the start of the session to groom your children completely and to provide them with all possible means of all-round development and we made it viable with our dedication and our student-centered approach. And It all reflected in the annual report of the school and in the cultural program as well. The cherry on the top moment was the Live-in concert by none other than Mr Gurdaas Maan, The king of Punjabi folk-music. Everybody seemed to be captivated by his enchanting voice and by beats of the music. The gathering was way beyond our expectations and yet we handled them cautiously as to not hurt or offend anyone. It was indeed yet another shining in the cap of Prayaas International School.

Frozen Party

Once again the little #Prayaasians enjoyed a theme based birthday party. And this time the theme was based upon Disney’s animated flick #Frozen. All the little ones came dressed in crisp white and blue. The centre of attraction was the amazingly decorated and jaw dropping activity hall which seemed no less than an actual Hollywood studio that’s all set for lights, camera and action. The tiny tots relished on the cake which was finger-lickin’ delicious and also danced to the tunes of the Frozen’s original soundtrack. All the students were pretty excited and full of unparalleled energy throughout the whole event.

#Love #Care #Commitment

Republic Day Celebration

#The #Almighty #in #the #most #high #grants #liberty #only #to #those#who #love #it#and #are #always #ready #to #defend #it.”

It is always a moment of utmost proud and rejoice to celebrate the two prime national festivals of the Republic of India. The very first one is the Independence Day that makes us aware of the sacrifices made by the warriors of our country who laid their lives for its independence and another one is the Republic Day, a day to honour the longest constitution and the largest democracy of the world.
We, at Prayaas International School, celebrated The Republic Day, with full jest and enthusiasm. It was indeed a rainbow of vivid cultural programmes that included fascinating dance performances, speeches and songs full of patriotic spirits.
The Managing Directors and the Directors of the school glorified the event with their presence. Managing Director Mr. Amit Batra, in his speech, elaborated the need of celebrating the national events for it is more than crucial for our young generations to have a thorough knowledge of our country and its rich history and heritage.
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Scholarship Exam 2019

The much awaited and the talk-of-the-town event was finally concluded with almost 481 participants tossing on their luck to grab the golden opportunity of getting admission in the adobe of the finest education “Prayaas International School”.
We proudly announce that a scholarship exam was conducted for the classes 1 to 11. Students from various schools tested their intelligence with a hope of getting admission with exciting and never-before scholarship offerings from the school. All the students were full of enthusiasm and pretty excited. Meanwhile the parents were given an actual descriptive tour of the whole school.
The result was declared after the end of the exam.

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Prayaas International School has been awarded by International School Awards 2018,Dubai (UAE)

“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”

We, at #Prayaas, feel immensely privileged and happy to proclaim that today we have set yet another benchmark in the history of #Prayaas #International#School. Now we are internationally recognized because we have been awarded by #ISA for “#Best #School #Using #Stem #Technology ” in #Dubai. This unprecedented event has once again proved that Prayaas International School is International in its true sense and is going to change the face of the conventional education system for the betterment of the youth and the nation. Our esteemed MD Sir and Mam congratulated everyone and stated that it’s the result of everybody’s dedication and hard work. We pay our deepest gratitude to the almighty and hope to set more such milestones in days to come.

Christmas Carnival – Santa Ka Pitara

The Christmas Carnival of Prayaas International School was organized and concluded with all the promised fun and adventure.The overwhelming response of the people and guests at the event proved that we are here to stay with the strongest marked impression in the schools’ fraternity.
The informative exhibitions, delicious food’s stalls, exciting games stalls, selfie corners, swings,dicey, Wall of fame, camel rides, dance troupes, magician,Singing group…..the list is endless.
No stone was left unturned to let the guests feel the festive vibes of the Christmas throughout the whole event.
At the end of the event the lucky draw was held and all the lucky winners were presented with their respective gifts.

2nd Annual Sports Day

“Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.”
-Wilma Rudolph

The long-awaited ‘#Annual #Athletic #Meet‘ of Prayaas International School was organized in the vast and sprawling lush green campus of the school. The elite guest list included Mr. Surinder Pal,SDM Ganaur city, School’s Managing Directors Dr. Sanjay Jain and Mr. Amit Batra, Director Dr.Suneera Jain and Ms. Ruchika Batra, Chairman Mr.Suresh Batra, Principal Ms. Nidhi Khatkar, Mr. Harish Wadhwa(Lions Club Gold), Ms. Shelly Wadhwa, Mr. Yogesh Kaushik , Mrs.Nisha Kaushik , Mr. Kulbushan Arora , the famous cartoonist along with his better half, Mr. Atul Mittal, Mr. Nitesh Mittal, Mr. Pritam Ahuja, Mrs. Anju Jain.
The show started with the lightening of the traditional Olympic Torch and the oath-taking ceremony. The thrilling, power-packed and jaw-dropping performances of the energetic and young brigade of Prayaas International School made the entire show spectacular and enchanting. The Sports Meet had more than 70 adrenaline-booster Track-n-Field events intervaled with many mesmerizing and bewildering dance and other cultural performances. School’s Managing Director Dr. Sanjay Jain and Mr. Amit Batra encouraged all the participants and non-participants with their words of wisdom and emphasized on the fact that winning isn’t everything, it’s the participation that churns out the true champions.
At the end of the programme all the winners were presented with medals and certificates of appreciation.

MUN(Model United Nations) Workshop

A  very  informative workshop was arranged by school on MUN-(Model United Nations) for the students to encourage them in understanding  international issues and policies, debating and sharing perspectives between participants from different countries and try to form possible solutions to solve particular issue. MUN provides an atmosphere where participants can improve their communication and diplomatic skill, critical thinking, and networking.

Mr. Rahul Menon, the orator of this workshop explained MUN in detail and explained how this helps in raising youth’s awareness toward global issues while improving their soft skills.

Children’s Day Celebration

“Children are, without a doubt, the beautiful shoots which would one day grow to nurture and beautify this world in their own special way.”

The above lines rightly summarize the whole essence and importance of the childhood. We at Prayaas International School, tried to celebrate the same in the morning’s special assembly by the teachers instead of the students so that they would feel completely relaxed and without any duty whatsoever. The teachers also presented a skit in which they tried to reflect the childhood with some light-hearted scenes and moments. It was indeed a comical one which the students enjoyed a lot and also learnt the importance of the school-life. Principal Ms Nidhi Khatkar encouraged the students with some words of wisdom and explained why this age is the most important of all the life phases and also why they should work the hardest in it to achieve their life goals for a happy and prosperous life.

Diwali celebration

On November 3, 2018





due to the week- long festivities and holidays, the Diwali celebration was commemorated during the morning assembly. Students presented their views on this festival of lights through informative speeches and melodious poems. There was also a skit which clearly emphasized on the importance of ‘Green and Eco-friendly Diwali’ and explained why it is the need of the hour if we are to keep our mother earth healthy for ages to come. In the wake of the ongoing drastically bad air conditions throughout the whole wide world, Principal Ms. NidhiKhatkar also accentuated the sole idea to celebrate Diwali which was to only share and spread the love and merriment of the festival with our loved ones. She also wished all the students and staff members a cheerful Diwali.
Various activities like Rangoli Making, Diya Decoration, Candle Making were also conducted and the students participated enthusiastically in the same.

An English-Rhyme Competition for pre-primary students was also organized right after the Diwali celebration. Students also participated enthusiastically in it and sang with utmost excitement.


On November 1, 2018 A special morning assembly was held to celebrate the Haryana Day. Students from various classes apprised everyone with the glorious and wonderful history concerned with the state of Haryana. Principal Ma’am also enlightened everyone with an informative peroration and asked everyone to reckon the inherent talent and ability of ourselves. The programme ended with a magnificent Haryanvi Dance Performance.

Along with Haryana Day, a Halloween theme-based party was organized for its pre-primary students. The tiny tots came dressed as the spookiest of the figures that could give even the famous scariest characters of some Hollywood flick, a run for their money. Everyone seemed rather delighted than being scared or afraid of the room (perfectly embellished with the scary stuff) a single glimpse of which could send the shivers down the spine of even the bravest of the souls.

Everyone turned out to be pretty enthusiastic when it came to various games and fun-filled activities. The little Prayaasians relished on a delicious cake at the end of the party.

Dussehra Celebration

On October 19, 2018 a grand Dussehra Celebration was held at Prayaas International School, Ganaur. The elite guests at this auspicious occasion were MrAmitBatra(Managing Director), MrAmitVerma (Panipat) and Mr. YogeshKaushik(President Bharat VikasParishadGanaur) and Mrs. NishaKaushik (Memeber of Bharat VikasParishad).

Students exhibited their amazing and bewildering skills in various performances like Dramatized representation of a scene from our holy epic Ramayana, Bhajan, Dandiya Dance and other cultural activities. Principal MsNidhiKhatkarand Managing Director MrAmitBatra Sir enlightened everyone about the prime but crucial importnace and exigency of being good and truthful in our life and with everyone alike. In the end of the programme everyone witnessed the burning of the effigy of evil king Ravana and swore that they would always follow the path of goodness in their lives.

Workshop on “Learn How to Learn” by Acharya Pawan

On October 15, 2018 a special workshop for students and teachers, was organized at Prayaas International School, Ganaur. It was largely based on the basic issues faced by the students and teachers in their respective fields of studying and teaching.

Acharya Pawan, a renowned educationist, motivational speaker and a guided meditation expert was the main resource person who not only taught everyone on how to unearth our fears and problems but also taught us many self experienced, logical, effective and scientific measures and solutions to overcome almost all those hurdles that we ever encounter in the field of education and in our personal lives as well.
Other prominent members that glorified the event include Dr. Sanjay Jain, Mr. AmitBatra(Managing Director Prayaas International School), Dr. Suneera Jain, Ms. RuchikaBatra (Director Prayaas International School).