Aims & Objectives

  1. To convey the students eminent elements of culture, especially in human aspect. The school believes in providing knowledge to assume, exercise their rights and duties in respect to others. The school is dedicated in preparing conscious and responsible citizens by working with a sense of intelligent and healthy way in which they might thrive and grow in relationship to the ideas, problems and achievements of mankind.
  2. Attain, expand and Strengthen habits of discipline, individual, creative, study and Team work as a crucial condition for effectual learning of responsibilities and apprehension of same as a means of personal development.
  3. To encourage approach to persuade coexistence and disregard violence in school, family, society and any other social environment. And to respect and value, as an essential duty of civilized individual to work and give opportunities without any sought of discrimination.
  4. To develop enviable social attitudes and behavior and hearten healthy contribution making the child sensitive to the right and privileges of others.
  5. As our educators are strong concern and effort is the development of the whole person so as to be fully human, fully Indian and truly modern. We aim that our students be academically skilled, secular, longing and devoted to faith and justice.
  6. To make students understand the working of human body, as well as the beneficial effects on the health of proper food and exercise, incorporating the practice of sports to promote personal and social development.
  7. To encourage aesthetic appreciation.
  8. To stimulate the beginning of intellectual curiosity concerning environment to help him understand the world in which he/she lives and to foster new interests through opportunities to investigate and experiment.
  9. Evaluate the artistic creation and understand the language of the different artistic activities, using various means of expressions and representation.