Pre-Primary Curriculum

“Pre-school Education is the first stepping stone in the education ladder of a Child’s Life”

We at Prayaas International School make every possible effort to make learning ‘a joyful adventure’ and thereafter ensure that this joyous journey turns into the most valuable and effective educational one embedded with life skills required by the child for the rest of his life.

During scientific researches, it has been discovered that in a child’s life the reception towards knowledge is maximum during first five years. It is also proven that 90% of the human brain develops at this age only.

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he/ she is someone today.”

Making the most of our children’s today, cherishing their individuality and celebrating their uniqueness are the distinguishing features of our school’s Pre-Primary curriculum.

USP of Pre-Primary Curriculum

  1. Taking maximum advantage of this fact, we have customized learningat Prayaas International School to suit the need of every child.
  2. The basic methodology used is a combination of auditory as well as visual learning.
  3. Activities are designed, keeping in mind, the need to incorporate multiple intelligences.
  4. All classrooms are equipped with projectors for interactive classroom sessions.
  5. Prep/MIII classes are also equipped with Edurite Smart Boards which delivers interactive teaching & learning pattern.
  6. To reduce the unnecessary burden of extra books and notebooks, the curriculum development team of Prayaas International has designed in-house publication of reading and writing material for all Montessori classes.
  7. A Special Kit is given to every child with all the educative material required throughout the session.
  8. Creative and aesthetic development in a child are monitored and presented in the form of Portfolio Files. These Portfolio Files are used to document the Art & Craft Work done by every child and is a child’s own priced possession.

Significance of Integrated and Thematic learning

  1. It allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented.
  2. The Thematic syllabus revolves around the integrated textbook for active and holistic learning.
  3. Being well-structured, it interweaves all concepts required to learn at primary stage.
  4. It helps students to understand connections and draw conclusions from the real world.
  5. It integrates all subjects through a common theme.
  6. Learning takes place through a variety of fun filled activities.
  7. Students have choice in what they learn and how they learn.
  8. It utilizes Collaborative and Cooperative Learning.
  9. It helps in promoting learning with understanding and discourages rote learning.
  10. The main objective is to create a relationship with the learning intentions and learning outcomes.
  11. Special Resource Centres and Activity rooms such as Reading Corner, Clay Corner, Pretend Play Corner and Intellectual Development Cornerhelp in the overall development of a child.
  12. Excursions, Nature Walks and Educational Tripsare part of the learning process too.
  13. Through the Linguistics Training Programmeat Shalom Hills, we focus on the development of linguistic skills from a very young age in children.
  14. Grand occasions such as Special assemblies and Graduation Day are organized to give 100% stage exposureto each and every child in the Junior Wing.

Primary Curriculum (Grades 1st to 8th)

After careful planning and thorough research, our school has designed its annual curriculum to be a road map of the learning and teaching process that will take place in an entire academic session.

Education in Prayaas International  is a joyful journey into the world of learning. Our school curriculum has been mapped out according to sound pedagogy and latest methodology with the purpose of facilitating acquisition not only of knowledge in core subjects, the 4Cs (creative, communicative, critical and collaborative skills) but also to encourage the development of sound values and positive attitudes as well.

With this objective, the primary curriculum incorporates a new dimension of Integrated and Thematic learning. Thematic curriculum is a way of teaching and learning, where by many areas of curriculum are connected together and integrated as a theme

  1. It is based on the idea that knowledge acquisition is efficient among students when they learn in the context of a coherent and holistic way.
  2. They can associate whatever they learn to their surrounding and real life examples.
  3. Thematic instruction seeks to put the cognitive skills such as reading, thinking, memorizing, and writing in the context of a real life situation under the broad aim to allow maximum creative exploration in a child.

Teaching Pedagogy

In order to equip our students with 21st century skills and empower them to be active participants, and at the same effective contributors to a rapidly evolving environment, our school has adopted the latest teaching-learning pedagogical practices based on the ‘democratization of knowledge’ and has planned a curriculum which is structured on relevant, timely and relational pedagogy. Our school reaffirms and reflects its abiding commitment to relevant and quality curricula to be implemented through transformative teaching practices and methodologies.

The pedagogy on which the school curriculum has been mapped out is future focused and is geared to foster as well as develop lifelong skills among our students like communicative, collaborative team work, problem solving, making connections, critical thinking skills underpinned by community consciousness and global citizenship. Keeping in view that our students are all digital learners, the teaching – learning pedagogy seeks to build relevant connections between learning-teaching in physical and virtual space in today’s web world.

Value system

Values and ethics are required in today’s rapidly changing world. The inculcation of these values is as important and necessary as the possession of technical or vocational skills. They refer to an ability to work together in a team and resolve conflicting situations. Additionally, one needs to collaborate and cooperate with others, thus create synergetic alliances leading to higher achievement level.

Each and every activity carried out at Prayaas International School  ensures that the children are equipped with correct values which prepare them to face the challenges of the outside world.

  1. Value based morning assemblyis one such way wherein every class andsection holds an assembly turn wise and that too
  2. Celebration of special days, annual observances and festivalspave the way for natural assimilation of social values.
  3. Apart from co-curricular activities, values are inculcated through subject activity
  4. Furthermore, value based questionsare a staple fix of daily teaching as well as assessment and crafted meaningfully around whatever text, topic, prose, poetry being taught in a subject.

The objective of Value Education  includes

  1. Holistic development of our students while addressing and bringing about an alignment between the head and heart
  2. Revisiting values and making everyone aware of the fast eroding values in our society; which need to be revived and restored
  3. Creating and establishing a balance between child and community
  4. We connecting and fusing together the heart, hand and head
  5. Bringing about a proactive social conscience and civic-mindedness
  6. Improvement of quality of education
  7. Harmony and peace with self