Education is not only learning, it’s about making an individual civilized. In education, imparting only bookish knowledge is not the parameter, but inculcating humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, courage, humility, integrity and reliability in a student completes its meaning.

Our school aims at grooming each child encompassing – academics, co-curricular activities, sports education and life-skills learning to make a responsible citizen in the world. We proudly work for every child to create path for positive attitude for future endeavor.

At Prayaas International school we convey education to print indelible mark on student and its surrounding by providing education based on conscience and realism.  We instill the young minds with self confidence, motivation, and courage and provide impactful experience to make them ever ready to take up challenges.

The campus, sports and academic facilities all bear testimony to this effort. In categorize to endorse an internationally adequate education; our motive has been on faculty development as well – providing unremitting seminars and conferences in order to convey real value education, creative thinking, modest pattern and excellence in academics that directly leads to development of individuals in a team. Team members of Prayaas are trained time to time not only to impart knowledge but also make every student understand about value of that society, country and providing deep value of moral and social help to others. To inspire confidence and trust in their students and become role models is also the motto of faculty. Moreover, the School inspires the students esteem for belief and ensures life skill education as discipline, behavior and good manners.

PRAYAAS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL encourages students to discover about themselves their creativity and talent to grab every opportunity coming in the way. We believe in informing students constantly about changing environment, modest patterns and ideology, while at the same time contribution support and supervision as they follow decision-making and social skills in life.

We are confident that Prayaas is the best platform for your child and his future steps to attain ultimate goal. We greet your vigorous support, interest and involvement in the progress and upbringing of your child. We look forward to your continuous and positive support.